IKEv2 Mobile with Windows 7 (No Route)

  • I have been dtruggling with getting the route to stick for Windows 7 VPN connections to pfsense 2.2.6.  I can connect but I must add the route everytime I log in as follows:

    route add MASK

    Is this to be expected or is there some other way to make the route stick?

    I have no issues on Windows 10!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There is a powershell command to add a persistent route to a VPN connection but I don't think it's available for Windows 7.

    If you set the client to push all traffic over the VPN it should work, though all of its Internet traffic will also cross the VPN. If you can't use that, on a version of windows that old your only choice may be to have the user manually run a cmd script to add the route after login.

  • Time to upgrade all users to Windows 10 :-)  works great on there with the powershell command!

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