• Hello,

    I have an external PBX. This PBX, once an extension has internet connection the extension will connect to this PBX. The problem is I have an analog phone connected to a linkseys VOIP box and it can dial calls but cannot receive calls, the sending end would get a message stating that the party is unavailable. Please assist.

  • This is a general issue related to any SIP endpoint sitting behind NAT. pfSense is not guilty ;)
    Play with keepalive on your Linksys box, use (or don't use) NAT Mapping. Better talk with someone who is managing the PBX.

  • Build a firewall rule on your WAN with your PBX address as the source and your Linksys ATA LAN address as the destination.

    Make the ports whatever you use for SIP.  Generally 5060 on both sides.

    See if that helps.  Don't bother with port forwarding.

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