New pfsense 2.3.1 install with wonky internet access

  • Hey, i'm new to pfsense, and was told by some fellow students to use it for the server that I am setting up. I need help getting internet access, and didn't know where to post it, so I am posting here.

    The school I go to has a server with esxi firmware on it, and the teacher that got the server asked me to set up a network with vms on it, and that this network wouldn't connect to the network once school starts in the fall. That part I had no problem with, I just made a vm with pfsense, and had every other vm in the vswitch use that vm's IP as a gateway, and they are all connected. The problem I am facing is that he wants me to update all the vms and install other programs onto them, but right now I can't do that. I have some access (ie. I can connec through ftp, ssh, and https, but when I try http and updating, neither will connect, so both windows vms and linux vms are stuck with factory default OS's).

    I have the network setup and the pfsense generated ips attached as pics. The esxi server has only one external IP, located on vmnic0, and I am mainly using pfsense for it's ability to nat (using the default settings atm) and also it's ability to "spoof" the mac address as the school doesn't want to allow us access to the network, and the only way we can is by spoofing it.

    I can ping any siteĀ  from any vm (when I use pfsense's vm IP as the gateway), and I can use curl to get https, but curl http fails, as well as any attempt to update on any OS.

    I have also attached a sample packet trace I did using tcpdump by ssh into the esxi server. I did a sample where I tried to go to gamespot using http.