Multi wan not rotating through connections

  • Hello all.

    I have a multi-wan setup with three connections:

    Made into a gateway group:

    With a firewall rule to direct outside traffic to that group:

    But, as per the guide, when I go to and reset the page repeatedly, only the IP for the first WAN is shown. And I can see the effect of this when there are many users browsing, the internet is quite slow, as though there is only one connection. At this point, the guide says that if it doesn't rotate WANs that there is a misconfiguration somewhere, but doesn't elaborate.

    There is traffic to the other connections but only because I have certain traffic being used on certain connections with firewall rules. But I need internet connections to rotate through them.

    Can anyone shed some light on this?

  • Browsers use persistent TCP connections. Use wget or something like that to test, or change sites.

  • I'll try wget in a bit, but the thing is it's always the first WAN ip, after reloading the browser, rebooting, or whatever else. Every time I've tried over the past few weeks. Surely by now I would have seen it using a different one?

  • Other thing would be if you're using Squid, that LAN rule won't apply. It'll only use the default gateway.

  • Well, there it is then. I knew it was something stupid on my part.

    After some quick searching it looks like there may be a way around that?

  • No way to make Squid load balance in that scenario.

  • Damn. Well. I guess I'll have to ditch squid or figure something else out.

    Thanks for the quick replies.

  • Could move Squid to another box, inside your LAN.

  • I was looking into it and that should work fine, actually. It will take a bit of work but not a big deal.

    Thanks again.

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