[Solved]Can't not build connection (forwarded ports on my WAN IP from my LAN)

  • Hi guys , I have a server with and NAT IP is  , this server is services as SMTP .
    It is working fine , but some thing confused  me.
    I can telnet [] [25]  from outside ,  from will failed but ping still success.
    It is strange , why I can't telnet [] [25] from my self.

    I set NAT > Port Forward : below
    I set as virtual IP which type is IP Alias .
    I set as NAT outbound with source is
    The firewall only have one WAN interfaces with . one LAN interfaces with
    SMTP server default gateway is

    Interface : Wan
    Protocol  : TCP
    Src addr : any
    Src ports : any
    Dest addr :
    Dest ports : 25 (SMTP)
    NAT IP :
    NAT Ports: 25
    Filter rule association : PASS

  • Sounds like you need to enable NAT reflection.

  • Thanks , how to enable NAT reflection ? :)

  • Thanks , I got it .
    Maybe the split DNS is better way :)

  • Generally, yeah, it's best to not loop traffic through the firewall where it's not strictly necessary to do so.