RDD Graph info pfsense vs ntop

  • The rdd graph info is not correct if I compare it to ntop graphs.

    Point being is, that I would very much like to add these graphs to our /domain/stats page.

    I'm able to directly link the png files from ntop without having to login, but pfsense doesn't allow me to do this.

    Would it be possible to modify the rdd script within pfsense to display this graph somewhere else?

    I would of used ntop, but the values are completly different, see screenshot below. Anybody know what's going on?

  • Using mrtg –> snmp data shows the same values as ntop, so only 20mbit (see screenshot) while the rdd graph in the gui on pfsense shows 50mbit?

    So even the SNMP data from the interface shows wrong values. Bug in the coding? Or rdd graphs in the gui not displaying correctly?

    Basicly if I could get the same graphs from the RDD in the gui I would be happy. Uploading it to antoher webserver with a script (with pass in it) wouldn't be such a good idea..

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