Pfsense not use high weighted link when multi wan load balancing

  • I'm planing to use pfsense 2.3.1 for our premises with multi wan load balancing. prior to actual deployment I deploy it on virtual box for test the functionalities that i wanted to implement. I setup pfsesne VM with 3 virtual interfaces. one set as wan  (bridge mode). then I setup another openwrt VM for secondary gateway and link it with pfsense virtual interface 2. then last interface assign as internal nework which also my testing VM  (ubuntu) connected

    I mange to make two WAN connections up and running as well as set them as a gateway group. I set weight of one wan connection to 3 and other one to 1.

    but my problem is every time pfsense route traffic only through WAN2 which has lower weight than WAN1.  when I add the second VM to testing environment it appears it has connected through WAN1 but when I doing some browsing and downloading tasks pfsense always route traffic through WAN2 (lower weighted one).

    At first I thought this is because both wan connection connected to same physical NIC and both public IPs  are the same. to overcome this I configure and run openvpn client in openwrt VM since it changed the public  IP. but the results are same.

    could someone please explain this ? In the real word scenario I want to merge two  WAN  liks (fiber and Radio) which has 25Mbps and 15mbps respectively


  • How can both of your links give the same "public" IP address?

  • As I mentioned earlier my setup is entirely on virtualbox which share the same physical NIC for all the virtual interfaces. But to overcome this issue I ran Openvpn client in openwrt gatway which is also a vm and configure as WAN2 for pfsense. Because of this later config WAN1 and WAN2 has different public IP address.

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    Use weights of 2 and 6 instead of 1:3, see this note you might have missed: