Dual Wan FTP weird connection problem

  • Im configuring my Dual wan pfsense 1.2.1RC1 and almost everything is working… except my outgoing ftp connections. What I encounter was whenever I disable my OPT1 interface I can connect to outside ftp site but when i enable it again (OPT1) my ftp connections seems not responding.

    my hardware is a p4 Asus mobo w/ builtin A/V/L
    rl2 -Lan side  (w/ private IP
    rl0-Wan side  (w/ public IP from ISP1)
    rl1-opt1 wan2  (w/ public IP from ISP2)

    I also added the suggested rules in for ftp from this site http://devwiki.pfsense.org/FTPTroubleShooting

    _Outgoing FTP (LAN -> Internet) UPDATED PORTS, please check!

    1. Ensure that the FTP helper is not disabled on Interfaces, LAN
    2. If you have a restrictive ruleset or are utilizing policy based routing for multiple-wans then ensure that you have permitted traffic to / ports 8000-8030. IE: allow LAN subnet to 8000-8030. This rule should be on top of all other LAN rules that utilize policy based routing.
    3. If you are running windows try turning off the windows firewall_

    Are there any other setting that I might need?

    Thanks In Advance!!!

    More power to Pfsense Dev Team

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