Need help to access web gui

  • Hello Guys, i am a newbee to linux, though after following various tutorials, i managed to configure and install pfsense, but i don't know how to access the gui, all the tutorials says this "Fireup browser and enter the address", my questions are:

    1. how can i open web browser?
    2. what url i should enter including port?
    3. What is the default password and username?

    I am complete newbee but i would still have searched across the internet to see how to open a web browser in pfsense, but there is no tutorial explaining that, btw i also don't know many other things which i think will be learned after playing around options in web gui of pfsense.

    P.s For your info, i installed it on USB stick and accessing it on my laptop for testing purpose before professionally implement it. So far i am on the menu where it gives lots of options with there numbers like for reseting password, reset settings, reboot etc with there particular numbers to be entered.

    I hope you guys understood as you are master of it, everyone has to begin it somewhere so please bare with me :) Good day :) Awaiting for the help to enter the pfsense world.

    1. Open the web browser on your client machine, not on the pfSense box (not that there is one anyway).

    2. Key in the IP address of the LAN interface (it's shown on the console screen).

    3. Default Username is: admin Password: pfsense

  • I tried to access it from another computer but web page is not opening. Pfsense is showing "" but that is my router password, pfsense's system password is and both of them not opening pf webui on other computer connected on same network, seems like i have done some mistake in configuration :) which ip address is needed to assign to pfsense lan interface (em0)?

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