Possible to distribute outbound traffic across multiple external IP Addresses?

  • We have a unique and specific situation where where we need to send outbound traffic from specific servers (not all servers on our network) over our external VIP's in a couple of /27 networks.  So far, I have been using outbound NAT to map outgoing traffic for each specific internal IP to specific external VIP's.  This has been working fine.

    However, is there a way to have one IP address rotate outbound traffic through multiple external IP addresses?  For example, is it possible to have my internal ip send outbound requests to the internet using,, and in a round-robin fashion?  Also, we do have multiple /27 networks to use as our outbound IP's.


  • Yes. See Outbound NAT.

  • Oh, I can't believe I overlooked that.  There are A LOT of virtual IP's on the system.  Thank you for the quick response!

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