2.1.5-RELEASE (i386) upgrade

  • Hey all

    Long time since I have looked at upgrading - everything has just been working so well.

    I did some reading but could not find the answers I was looking for so I apologize but I need to ask them here - I am sure they have been asked already.

    So I am on 2.1.5-RELEASE (i386) (using virtualization) and I want to upgrade to the latest release.

    Can I do it safely or should/do I need to upgrade to an intermediate version first due to the age of my system.

    As its i386 and I see that the x64 platform is preferred, I am better of just building a new VM (is there a download for a VM already).


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    I would build a new VM, install 2.3.1_5 amd64, and restore a current config backup from the old firewall.

    There is generally no need to do incremental upgrades. The config upgrade code will be the same regardless. You will just do all the conversions in one pass instead of two.

    How much work is involved is generally determined by what packages you're running.

  • There is generally no need to do incremental upgrades.

    Actually you are even better off not doing any incremental upgrades. A few little issues in the upgrade code have been fixed over time, so the very latest upgrade code is the best. If you move to 64-bit, then just restore your 2.1.5 config, it will reboot and apply all the upgrade steps right up to 2.3.*

    2.3.2 will be out very soon, so you might even wait until then, just to save you upgrading again soon after you get to 2.3.1_5

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