Parallel Install/Upgrade

  • I have a two PFsense setup. A primary and a backup. When I upgraded to, 2.1.4-RELEASE (i386), I ended up with some bugs in the system that I cannot correct(see previous posts).  My plan is to install the latest version alongside my current system. Then Manually fill in all the information (because I'm afraid if I export and import I'll bring the bugs with me) and switch over.  ???
    I done some searching and maybe the terminology I'm using is wrong but I couldn't find a similar post although I would be amazed if I was the first to ask this.
    What is my best approach to do this to keep down time to an absolute minimum. I can install the new version on the same host as the previous and work on it there.
    Would I fill in all the info with the same ip addresses and leave it unconnected to the network and then kill the network connection to the old one while turning on the connection to the new one? This seems to make sense to me but I just want to make sure.

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