• Hi Guys..

    I'm testing a new setup for a pfsense installation, but it's not performing as good as i would like it to.

    The hypervisor is ESXI5.5u1, and my test vm's are all located on the same vm host, all with vmxnet3. All have 8gb memory and 8 cores @ 2.6ghz
    My 4 clients are ubuntu 16.04, and my pfsense is 2.3.1 x64.

    My clients has a NIC in their own lan (two in each), and my pfsense have a nic in both lans. I use iperf3 to test with.
    When i test the two clients on the same network i get around 18gbps throughput.

    When i tell my clients to connect to a client on my second network, i get around 5gbps. Changing the window size does not seem to have an effect.

    My clients are using around 10% cpu during the test, and my pfsense is using around 17%.

    I need some help to find the bottleneck, because there is one somewhere. My best guess is that pfsense is somehow not using enough cpu. 17% is basically one core, so why is it not using more?

    Any help would me much appreciated. Thanks a lot!

  • you are lucky to get 5gbit/s as that is more then i'd expect.

    generally it'll max out between 3-4gbit/s.
    nothing you can do about it. Freebsd in-kernel routing doesn't go any faster even if you run it on an infinity-core cpu.

  • It's pf that won't go any faster, but yes, that's the best you can hope for at this time with the packet filter enabled.