• I've had 3 (IIRC) crashes. I've sent the text dumps up.  I talked to Chris at Texas Linux Fest, but here's a reminder.


    Thanks (another one just sent as well)

  • Thanks for the reminder. There aren't any crash reports from that IP, do you have IPv6? Would have come from the v6 IP in that case.

  • 2001:470:1f0e:42c::2
    is my tunnel side of IPv6

  • All the same crash, all in something to do with the Atheros driver.

    db:0:kdb.enter.default>  bt
    Tracing pid 12 tid 100005 td 0xfffff800032204b0
    ar5416PerCalibrationN() at ar5416PerCalibrationN+0x18a/frame 0xfffffe001a37d9e0
    ath_calibrate() at ath_calibrate+0x1d3/frame 0xfffffe001a37da30
    softclock_call_cc() at softclock_call_cc+0x17b/frame 0xfffffe001a37daf0
    softclock() at softclock+0x94/frame 0xfffffe001a37db20
    intr_event_execute_handlers() at intr_event_execute_handlers+0xab/frame 0xfffffe001a37db60
    ithread_loop() at ithread_loop+0x96/frame 0xfffffe001a37dbb0
    fork_exit() at fork_exit+0x9a/frame 0xfffffe001a37dbf0
    fork_trampoline() at fork_trampoline+0xe/frame 0xfffffe001a37dbf0

    Not aware of any known issues with that bt, but ath in FreeBSD can be a real mess at times. My best suggestion would be to use an external AP. Or pursue on the FreeBSD wireless list, maybe someone there will be able to assist.

  • Thanks, Chris!

  • I posted there, and Adrian Chadd wants kgdb, but he thinks(!) it's fixed in head….

    I cc'd you (Chris) on my reply.