Can someone help me get VNC configured?

  • Hey guys,

    I am wanting to setup VNC for my machines on my network. I need some help on how to do this. My network consists of my dhcp coming into pfsense, LAN going to powerswitch that connects 2 linux machines and 1 windows machine. Can someone tell me what software I need, and how I need to setup firewall rules? Sorry for the idiot questions, im a total noob with firewalls and learning as I go :p

    Thanks guys for any input

  • How is this related to pfSense?

    You need to forward port 5900 and if you want the webinterface additionally port 5800.

  • Im sorry. I didn't know if I needed to configure anything in pfsense. Thank you very much for the link. MUCH appriciated.

    Have a great day!!!

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