IPv6 problem with DHCP

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    I am running a virtual PFSense to get an IPv6 Prefix delegation from an upstream Fritzbox. I noticed that this only seems to work if I also put the IPv4 connection to the Fritzbox to DHCP. If I try with a static address and DHCPv6 neither the WAN interface nor the downstream interface get IPV6 addresses. Is this normal behavior?

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  • That's interesting.
    No it isn't. In Dual Stack IPv6 connectivity never may rely on any IPv4 configuration parameter, ever.
    Fritzboxes have been acting strange with IPv6 for some time now. There is a quite recent (german) article linking to some issues by heise in c't 10/2016. Your issue isn't in there.
    This need to be examined in more detail. Try Wireshark or something and make more sense of the Neighbor Discovery packages (ICMP6).

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