• http://www.anandtech.com/show/10489/spot-the-denverton-atom-c3000-silicon-on-display

    Based on the article, 4-16 cores, 14nm, 10Gb SPF+ x2, I210 x2, DDR4 x4, one PCIe 3.0 8x, mentioned 32GiB of eMMC (solid state storage). This is the die-shrunk version of the Rangeley Avoton platform. Hopefully it'll clock higher and/or use less power, but a 16 core version would be interesting.

  • The first is Denverton, and how one manufacturer had a relevant beta motherboard on display during the show. Denverton is the successor to Avoton, Intel’s 8-core Atom processor that we’ve seen in the ASRock C2750D4I and other and a variety of NAS and server based ‘card’ solutions (GIGABYTE showed a 46x C2750 server in 2U back at Computex in 2015).

    so its an avoton successor / not rangely successor. AFAIK the difference lies in the hardware crypto bits that are contained in the rangely's, but not in the avoton series

  • Thanks for the correction. I looked up "Airmont" which seems to be the high level general arch that both platforms use. It seems the successor of Rangeley has not been announced yet, but I assume there will be one and it will be based on Airmont.

  • That board pictured would make a killer FreeNAS rig.