[ASK]Separate Browsing and Gaming for Dual Wan

  • Good Day Sir
    I want separate my browsing and gaming dual ISP
    Wan1 (Smart ISP) for Browsing
    Wan2 (Globe ISP) for Gaming
    Thanks Good Day!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There has to be some way to match the traffic will firewall rules to identify traffic to put on specific WANs.

    If your gaming is all done from a console, put the console IP address(es) in an alias, then match those and send them out your "gaming" WAN.

    If you game and browse on the same PC, that's much different and a more difficult problem to solve. You might be able to just send TCP ports 80 and 443 out the "browsing" WAN but undoubtedly there will be other non-gaming traffic on other ports (e-mail, FTP, torrents, etc).