Switch not learning MAC from IPv4 VIP

  • Hi,

    I have two firewalls running 2.3.1-p5, connected to two switches.

    Physical interface has one v6 address defined (I have also tried with v4 address)

    Failover and everything like that works and the IP arps on the clients on the lan side so traffic flows. But since the switch does not learn the mac the switch floods the traffic to all ports member of the vlan and thats how the return traffic gets to the firewall.

    If I see on the switch port I can only see the macs for the ipv6 VIPs but not the ones from the ipv4 VIPs.

    Does anyone else see things like this in a dual stack enviroment ?

  • Which type of VIP? The problem is the switch regardless, but the expected MAC will differ depending on VIP type.

  • Got it debugged by the switch provider and they made a new firmware for the switches were it works :)