DSL and IPoE

  • Attempting to place a pfSense box between my DSL ISP (CCI), and my home network, but can't get traffic through.  Most information on the web suggests to set the pfSense WAN as PPPoE, but this ISP is connected via IPoE meaning there is no username or password to enter.  When the pfSense WAN is configured as DHCP, it receives a local IP address of 192.168.1.x but doesn't pass any traffic.  All the other pfSense WAN IPv4 configuration options require a UN/PW to connect  The pfSense LAN is configured with an IP address of 172.16.x.x.

    The ISP's router is a Zhone 6729-W1-NA, and when it is in the factory default configuration, any computer connected to one of its LAN ports gets a local IP address of 192.168.1.x.  This router obtains an IP address from the ISP of 72.26.x.x on the atm0 interface.  When this interface is bridged, I can't ping any external addresses.

    Looking for help or advice on the most appropriate configuration to get the pfSense router working with the Zhone router/DSL interface.  Thanks in advance for any help.

  • I'm not sure if this helps (as I am not familiar with the carrier or their setup) but normally you would put the modem in bridge mode and then connect the pfSense to the bridged interface.

    Some of the routers provided via ISPs will lock you out of these settings. You will need to have a dig around the GUI to check for that.

    IPoE generally means you get your WAN address via DHCP.

  • Thank you for the help.  I was over complicating things, and the setup is working great now.  In the factory configuration, there were 4 level two interfaces set up; atm0, atm1, ptm0, eth4.  There was about 6 or so default WAN services configured for these four interfaces.  I deleted all WAN services, and deleted all but the atm0 interface since that is what is providing the actual DSL connection.  I then added a bridge service to the atm0 interface, plugged into the WAN2 port on the pfSense box and now have a load sharing, fail-over setup for my home network.

    The Zhone router has way too many options for a hobbiest home user.

  • The Zhone router has way too many options for a hobbiest home user.

    Count your blessings  ;)
    Many ISP's limit the control of attached modem/routers to the point they're barely usable unless you want "Their Standard Configurations".

    Glad you got it working.

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