[FIXED] Captive Portal : function (…) is declared twice

  • Another Captive Portal issue:

    Running 1.2.1-RC1 built on Tue Aug 12 10:45:41 EDT 2008

    This function
    is declared twice, in
    and in

    Removing one will do just fine.

    edit : Yeah, right….
    Just decovered that my portal log filled up rapidly with LOCKWARNING messages.
    This thread shows exactly what I saw : Re: Captive Portal Stopped working… Lock file.

    Anyway, please take this as a notice, as I'd like this to be confirmed by others.

    I'll take a latest ISO, and reinstall to the hard disk and report back.

  • Just fixed both (hopefully).

    Please try the next snapshot and report back.  Thanks!

  • @sullrich:

    Just fixed both (hopefully).

    You can remove the '(hopefully)'.

    Installed from CD : pfSense-20080813-0426.iso.gz 13-Aug-2008 01:19 and had a test with 4 clients hooked up to the portal. They connected and disconnected as fast as possible.
    I'm using the integrated Auth. user manager.

    No issues what so ever.

    It really looks like that 1.2 'Stable' is as good as 1.2.1-BETA right now when it comes to the portal function.

    Thank YOU   :D

  • Yeah it should be.  Not much has changede in CP except for Mark Cranes speedup tweaks for Lighttpd.

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