• Hello team,

    i hope some one there have ever done it or has an idea how to do it. i have several subnets on my network and  for some reasons i want to block internet access to one subnet at night and during off official work time.

    i have fully installed and working pfsense firewall can someone give me the steps to fully do this.

    1. Go to Firewall->Schedules. Add a schedule for the days and times that you want to allow access.
    2. Add a rule at the top of the rules for the interface that allows (pass) all traffic, click "Display Advanced" at the bottom of the rule settings, choose the schedule.
    3. After the pass rule, put a block rule that blocks the traffic at all times.

    During the schedule period the pass will be in effect. Outside of the schedule, the pass rule will be disabled and the block rule will be in effect.

    If you have no other rules on the interface, then you can omit the block rule at step (3), if you like. The default action is to block anyway.