• ok guys i finally got port 443 and port 22 to forward on my pfsense box
    now here lies the problem  i went to a friends house and i was able to execute my metasploit reverse_tcp payload
    on one of his old windows boxes with my listner set up at home i called my girlfriend to look at my screen and i gained a meterpreter session  ….great ! right port 443 is forwarded

    i was also able to ssh into my linux box at home from my friends computer on a seperate network great that means
    port 22 is open and forwarded

    well i got home and tried to ssh into his computer from my linux box and no go i can recieve ssh but i cant ssh into his from behind
    my pfsense box      ssh: connect to host xx.xx.xxx.xxx port 22: No route to host

    i enabled nat reflection  pure nat  what am i missing or doing wrong  i have incoming but no outgoing
    if i havent been clear plaese let me know and i will try to explain better  thanks in advance

  • disregard this my destination wasnt set right now its working flawlesssly  sorry if i took up anyones time thanks