DHCP Static Mapping for Reserved Addresses

  • I have a couple of questions that I've tried searching through the 8 plus pages of threads on the subject of static mapping on PFSense and didn't really find what I'm looking for. I am new to PFSense since I've mostly used Apple/Microsoft servers to handle DHCP addressing. We have a pool of 20 reserved static addresses through the DHCP server on PFSense, and we have 9 devices that are listed in the static mapping area out of that 20. In the past 3-4 months we have added a new Asterisk/FreePBX phone server, NAS storage devices and new switches to our network, and I statically assigned these devices IP addresses that were not used out of that pool since we keep a spreadsheet of the static IP addresses throughout our buildings and when they've been added. Am I required to have these devices that require a static IP address to be listed under the static mapping area, or can I continue to just add the unused IP addresses to devices themselves that need static addresses? If anyone could answer this for me, it would be greatly appreciated to help clear up some confusion.

  • No you can add IP addresses statically to clients without doing anything to the router.  Ive been known to statically assign a device in DHCP even if it is already static as to keep me from trying to assign something else there later by mistake.

  • chpalmer

    Thank you for the reply to my question on the reserved DHCP addresses… glad to know that I don't have to use the static mapping list inside of PFSense.