Pfsense UEFI

  • Hi Guys,
    just build a pc with ASUS MOBO, tried to install the pfsense on the new created router, i have created a bootable usb with the rufus,
    while booting with the usb it takes for ever to boot and it stuck its loading boot x86…
    is there is a way to install pfsense on a UEFI boot MOBO ? is this even possible ?
    MOBO is H110M-A Bios Ver.1801
    if it doesn't boot from the usb can i install it using external dvd ?
    thank you

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  • thank you,
    i managed to change the boot from UEFI to Legacy but the boot is stuck at /boot/kernel/kernel text=0x1292ed8

  • Helo Jamerson,
    I've been in a similar boat trying to install pfSense on my MSI AM1I motherboard, an AMD based mini ITX board with a rather spartan bios.  The USB installer boot would crash out leaving me unable to install it.  Although I turned off the 'Windows 8/8.1 secure boot' and set it to boot from 'Legacy and UEFI', it defaulted to UEFI no matter.  After thinking about it for a few minutes, i switched the sata port setting from AHCI to IDE, thinking it would force legacy over UEFI.  I was then able to boot the USB (I have no idea how a sata setting affected USB but it did) and install it to the local drive.  Once it installed, I installed needed packages and restored my old pfSense settings, then went back into the bios and set the sata port back to AHCI.  I had nothing to lose at that point in trying, other than some time.  So far, so good, I've rebooted maybe 5 times and have had no issues with pfSense loading or with any services starting.  So I am just throwing out that idea as a possible way to force legacy boot.  You might also want to check if there is any kind of legacy setting in the BIOS for USB as well, and try them.  Good luck.