No DNS resolution on failover WAN

  • Hello,

    I'm baffled with my current problem, which is quite simple: DNS resolution does not work on failover WAN. The failover configuration works otherwise.

    I have read the post at and I do have different DNS servers set for the primary WAN and the secondary WAN at System –> General Setup.

    Actually it would be sufficient for me to just assign a custom DNS server address with DHCP, but for some reason setting the DNS servers in the DHCP configuration still assigns the pfSense box as the DNS server.

    Any toughts? Thanks

  • That's only relevant where you have forwarding mode enabled in Unbound (which might be preferable regardless). Without forwarding mode, you need to enable default gateway switching.

  • Should be sticky, I think.

  • Thanks for the answers! Forwarding Mode is disabled in DNS Resolver settings as is Default gateway switching in System/Advanced. I'll try enabling them individually when I get back to the office next Tuesday.

  • Hello,

    so I enabled the Forwarding mode and Default gateway switching, but neither worked. The Forwarding mode steered me towards DNS Forwarder service instead of DNS Resolver service (not quite sure what's the difference). Using the DNS Forwarder with Default gateway switching disabled seems to be working.

    Thanks for Your help!

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