Installing node.js on pfsense? Pkg_add unknown command?

  • Hello pfSense community!

    I am having issues on installing the node.js package. I tried to use the instructions from the nodejs website:
    but kept getting this odd problem.

    When ever I used pkg_add it says the the command is not available.

    I tried using pkg install <many different="" attempts="" here="">and still no luck.

    I seems my pfsense has the pkg install commands but it doesn't work; and most documentation online says to use pkg_add command which is a command my pfsense does not have.

    I even tried the wget method but no luck either.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That isn't a package we include in our repositories. There are ways to install FreeBSD packages, though it's not something we recommend unless you are well versed in FreeBSD and are able to deal with the potential side effects. If you search the forum for threads about installing FreeBSD packages on 2.3, you'll find all the detail you need.

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