V2.3.1 fresh install - Manual Mount of HDD required??

  • Hello,

    Just did a fresh install of the latest (2.3.1 -Release-p5).

    When booting the pfSense box, the boot process halts at the HDD mount step and requires a manual input of:

    ufs: <correct hdd="" partition="">Is this as designed?
    It is not obvious (to me) which partition is the correct one to boot, and I had to try most of the partitions (listed by entering ? at prompt) before I got the correct one, and the boot continued.

    Thanks in advance.</correct>

  • Sorry, per: https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=112282.msg625204#msg625204, add the following to /boot/boot.conf file:


    I guess it is "as designed".

  • Set it appropriately in /etc/fstab

    Guessing you probably installed with the drive in a different system and moved it to the target hardware, which changed how the drive was seen. Or otherwise changed the drives in the system post-install.

  • Thanks cmb.

    I installed from CD to the system with the HDD installed and kept all H/W the same post-install.