Network Segmentation with SG-2220

  • I'm on the verge of needing to install new routers at several locations. I would like to segment my networks for security reasons. For example: LAN1) Computing Devices 2) IOT devices 3) Guest network and possibility others. I'm still trying to wrap my head around VLANs. I was leaning towards a SG-2440 since it would allow for 3 physically separate LANs, but I'm wondering if a SG-2220 with a managed / smart switch would be a better option?  There are wireless devices on the network, so I'm thinking that using VLANs may be necessary. If I can set-up the VLANs using a managed switch, then its seems the cheaper SG-2220 is the way to go. Am I missing anything?

    This is definitely a learning experience for me. So, I may pick-up one router to see if I can set it up they way I'm hoping first. I'd just like to get the right model the first time.

  • Let me ask this question a different way: Is there a difference between using a SG-2220 with a managed switch vs using a SG-2440 for layer 2 network segmentation?