PfBlockerNG v2.1 w/TLD

  • Hello friends, i love this package but i have one question or one suggestion to add

    I see in the queues of my mail server, mails in queue because can not connect to ip x.x.x.x , i not view this ip in country list ipv4 denegated, but maybe is in my personal ipv4 lists (dshield, etc..)  and the question is:

    How can i check if one ip is denegated in pfblockerng ???  there's no search ip engine ??? i want know what list ip is denegated this ip

  • I'm having problems with iOS 11.3 BETA. It seems that safari can't go to and pages can't load. Solution was to reinstall package and use the VIP address, as I was using the certificate hack and

  • Hi
    Thanks for this wonderful package and it helps me a lot.
    Do you have an updated list of torrent sites or movie downloading sites like yts? I can't block the whole YTS sites after enabling TLD and adding this to Blacklist. Anyone please.. Thank you

  • It would be really cool if it could automatically update the blocked TLDs based on the spamhaus statistics ( on a regular schedule. I realize that this may be more difficult than it sounds as I cant seem to find a spamhaus TLD feed, just a website. But if we dont dream then it will never happen!

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