• Galactic Empire

    Is there an issue with iftop & ipv6 lookups

    Was just checking out the bandwidth i was using with my Apple TV and noticed it was displaying ipad.localdomain rather than bedroom-atv.localdomain.

    When I hit "N" to display the ip address rather than the hostname it displays the correct IP (:35) address for the device.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Did you try a reverse lookup on :35? Odds are iftop doesn't have a bug, it's just what that IP address reverse-resolves to.

  • Galactic Empire

    Yup tried a nslookup, they are different addresses, I converted the last portion of the IPv4 address to hex and used that for the IPv6 address :-

    Last login: Mon AugĀ  1 19:49:28 on ttys001
    mac-pro:~ AndyK$ host bedroom-atv.localdomain.
    bedroom-atv.localdomain has address
    bedroom-atv.localdomain has IPv6 address xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:1::35

    mac-pro:~ AndyK$ host ipad.localdomain.
    ipad.localdomain has address
    ipad.localdomain has IPv6 address xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:1::29
    mac-pro:~ AndyK$

    With some of the digits deleted :-

    mac-pro:~ AndyK$ nslookup xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:1::35
    Address: name = bedroom-atv.localdomain.

    mac-pro:~ AndyK$ nslookup xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:1::29
    Address: name = ipad.localdomain.