Nokia IP530 using MicroDrive or CF

  • Hi,
    From 6 month I'm using 2 Nokia IP530 with the PfSense on a CF Card.

    Nokia IP530 has 4 NIC, 2 hard disk and a CF slot; no CD, no VGA, no keyboard, no mouse.

    On the original configuration (Nokia IPSO Operating System) boot starts on CF and CF starts OS from the first HD.

    Using Search function in this forum I've read a lot of posts and I need some suggest…

    Or, if you prefer, I need your opinion on my statement...

    1. Can I search and use a boot manager to load on CF with can start PfSense (naturally Full install) from HD ?
    2. I can use a Microdrive to install a Full version and boot my NOKIA:
      can I use Microdrive on CF slot and hard disk at the same time ??

    Thank's in advance and excuse me for my bad english !!!


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