WAN speed and hardware taxing

  • I'm about to have my Internet service upgraded from a synchronous 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps and I'm curious if it will tax my system's resources significantly. My current system is using a Jetway NF9HG-2930 which has four Intel i211AT Gigabit LAN ports on it. At the moment, I'm only using two of those… one for my WAN and one for my LAN. All of my switches are gigabit. I don't believe the system is all that taxed at the moment, mostly running fairly idle, just curious if the increased throughput will use more RAM or CPU time and if so, if it will be significant or mostly insignificant. I know the CPU is not all that robust, being a Celeron 2930 and I have 4 GB RAM.

  • you should be fine at close to gigabit speeds, depending on the number of firewall rules, NAT, and packages (snort, pfBlockerNG, etc)

    I would check your system interrupts at high load/transfer speeds to see if you need to make any OS tweaks: systat -vmstat

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