Dsl connection

  • everyone here seems to have a cable provider for there ISP.  I am stuck with either a cable provider or century link which is DSL.  I had cable for the six months but switched to century link because they couldn't figure out why my internet kept going down and would only be up for an hour every day.  so I switched to centurylink.  which is dsl.  Now I want to get rid of my crappy routers and have a old pc as my router.  will pfsource work with DSL?  which would be better a old desk top or an old laptop?  the laptop has wireless capability right now.  so I can go wireless for a bit until I can find a old pc that will work straight from my storage.

  • PFSense works with almost any kind of ISP connection, myself, I have two DSL modems in bridge mode.  Both use PPPoE and have never had a problem.

    As for the server, some use laptops, but you will need two interfaces, one for the modem and another for your network.  You could leave you modem (no-bridge) and put everything into a switch, but that really defeats the purpose of using PFSense.

    If you have not read the documentation on PFSense, of which I presume you have not, when you install PFSense, it will wipe out your drive and load onto it FREEBSD a Linux flavor operating system.  So if you have anything you want to keep on either machine, back it up.

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