How can I block these from my logs?

  • How can I block these from my logs?

    X Jul 21 04:25:16 WAN [fe80::2fc:8dff:fe24:8b32] [ff02::1] ICMPv6
                              Block all IPv6 (1000000003)

    I tried the Easy Rule: Add to Blocklist for [fe80::2fc:8dff:fe24:8b32]… created the following rule:

    X 0/0 B IPv6 * EasyRuleBlockHostsWAN * * * * none   Easy Rule: Blocked from Firewall Log View

    but it doesn't help.

    I assume (1000000003) is some sort of a pointer to the rule… how can I use it?


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Why do you want to block those?  Are you not using ipv6?

  • Yes, I turned of IPv6 in the WebConfigurator. I am having enough trouble securing things with IPv4. I know that I will have to do something about IPv6 eventually, but not until I can learn more.

    For now, all it is doing is filling up my logs with noise.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If you disabled IPv6 in the GUI then it's doing what you asked. It's blocking and logging IPv6 since that's what the option does.

    You could instead make a floating tab rule to block – and not log -- IPv6 from any/to any, and make sure all of your interfaces have IPv6 set to "None" as well. You could also use a block (and not log) rule on each of the interface tabs.

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