No Internet to Wireless Router

  • good am, i am new in pfsense, i installed dual wan in pfsense

    WAN1: DHCP (DSL1)
    LAN: Static (
    WAN2: DHCP (DSL2)

    i was able to run the pfsense combining the DSL Connections and connect desktops to internet putting static ip address to every IPv4

    IP Address: 192.168.2 (until 246)


    my problem is i cant configure the wireless routers to give wireless connections (WiFi). i try to disable the DHCP of the Wireless Router but it didn't work.

    what shall i do? whats wrong with my configurations? Thank you for the answers… GOD Bless

  • This wireless piece is configured as a router or access point only??

    What is the range of IP wireless clients are getting?? Looks like you connected this router to its WAN port?? In this case you may have just missing static route on the pfSense or other problems related to double NATing…

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Why are you running statics on your lan?

    Well if you don't have dhcp on your wired lan, then no wireless isn't going to have it either..  To turn ANY wifi router into an AP 3 things.

    1. Set its lan IP to be on the network your going to connect it to
    2. turn off its dhcp server
    3. connect it to your network via on of its LAN ports not its wan…

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