Lost interfaces after upgrading to 2.3.1 from 2.2.6

  • I updated my 2.2.6 Hyper-V virutal machine to 2.3.1 using the automatic update. After the update, some of the interface cards dissappeared. I couldn't get them to show, pfsense didn't detect them. I removed and reinstalled the nics using the hyper-v settings for that VM. All nics use the same driver and are for argument sake the same hardware. They are virtual nics….

    It detected 3 of the 5 nics. Which are all the same virutal hardware and driver....

    After loosing a couple of hours, I re-installed 2.2.6 and restored my config back to the happy working 2.2.6.

    Does anyone know why 2.3.1 wouldn't detect all the nics?
    My firewall has 5 physical (virtual) nics.
    2 x VLANS.
    All 5 Nics are assigned and being used/are enabled.

  • This is a known issue when pfSense runs on Hyper-V:

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