Multi Wan Multi LAN setup

  • Hey there,

    What i am trying to do is the following. a friend has an office out in the country so internet is not the best so what he is currently doing is using multiple 4G for the internet and the Openreach line for the VoIp phones.

    Hardware = APU.1D4

    4g is the following setup:  TP-Link TL-R470T+ has 4 WAN connections and 1 LAN and bonds all the 4G Modems and makes them behave like one.

    DSL is running over BT and using a Draytek Vigor modem.

    Then of course the LAN, this is where i think i'm having the trouble. My first idea was to setup the lan on and then the phones on VLAN) and each of the lans would use one of the WAN connections but i couldnt see a way to set that up other than select the "Global" default gateway.

    My question is am i going about this the right way or is there a better way of having everything on the same subnet and then separate out the VOIP traffic to come over the DSL line.

    any comments are welcome.

  • Putting the different types of devices into actual different subnets/VLANs has the advantage that a device that is physically connected to a particular VLAN port cannot fake being in the other VLAN/subnet. But if you don't have users/devices that are going to be messing about trying to set their own IP address to work-around your access rules, then they can all be in the same LAN/subnet and just give static-mapped IP addresses so you know which devices have which IP addresses.

    Make an Alias for the VOIP phones that includes the IP addresses of the VOIP phones.
    Make a rule on the relevant LAN/VLAN that matches the VOIP phones alias, passes the traffic, and set the gateway (in the advanced section of the rule settings) to the WAN gateway that you want the VOIP traffic to take.

    Set the system default gateway to where you want the other stuff to go, and put rile(s) to pass the rest of the stuff you want to allow, without bothering to put a gateway in the rule - it will be directed out the default gateway.

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