• HI folks, here write my "proof of concept" tests with this "non standard" approach for get my PPPOE wan (ADSL ETHERNET MODEM) to work. Currently I make trought basic setup some task but not work at all.
    I get my public IP and I can ping and resolve internet address from pfsense box, but nothing that from the LAN .
    WELL I try to explain better my network layout.

    1)ADSL ethernet modem .
    2)WAP2 client mode associated with AWAN ssid.
    3)WAP1 broadcasting three ssid , "private" on VLAN1, "guests" on VLAN2, "AWAN" on VLAN3.
    4)PFSENSE BOX with nic assigned to LAN and VLAN'2  setup with static ip and dhcp server, VLAN3 is configured in dhcp client.
    Next on ppp's I add my PPPoE account and associate it with VLAN3.

    Of course the adsl modem is bridged for permit dire the PPPOE connection directly from PFSENSE BOX.

    Well on PFS dashboard I see everything OK but it is not really OK!
    I get public ip from provider.
    I get dsl ethernet dhcp ip but unable to access into Web configuration of it from my lan.
    Internet also not work on LAN side.
    I think maybe VLAN over client WAP2 <> WAP1 cause conflict, instead of direct PPPoE cable link, but I don't know.

    Any suggestions is really appreciated.

  • Well I'm here to reply itself to this quest. After some trial & error I get all to work as wanted.
    Be sure to follow this setup , if anyone wants to reproduce:

    pfSense box
    WAN interface ( IPv4 DHCP lease from other ISP)
    LAN interface ( and add two more VLANS and one PPPoE connection as follow:
    add VLAN 22 to LAN interface ( Private users
    add VLAN 33 to LAN interface ( Guests
    add PPPoE to LAN interface (for get my public ADSL IP)

    LAN port <> ethernet cable <> managed switch "port 1"

    5 Port Managed switch (my TL-SG105E)

    port 1 Tagged/Trunk ; VLAN 22 (Private); VLAN 33 (Guests) to pfsense LAN interface
    port 2 Tagged/Trunk ; VLAN 22 (Private); VLAN 33 (Guests) to Unifi AP LR LAN interface
    port 3 Tagged/Trunk ; VLAN 33 (Guests) to other tp-link AP (multissid VLAN enabled)
    port 4 Tagged/Trunk ; VLAN 33 (Guests) to other tp-link AP (multissid VLAN enabled)
    port 5 Disabled

    VLAN 22 Not member port: 3,4,5
    VLAN 33 Not member port: 5

    VLAN Untagged/Access port not needed because all my devices connected , supports the VLAN Tagging over own ethernet port.

    managed switch "port 2" <> ethernet cable <> Unifi AP LR ethernet port

    Unifi AP LR box
    Managed with own software in default subnet.
    Setup with multi SSID as follow;

    -VLAN 1 (default subnet) and SSID "AWAN" for PPPoE and managing option. With WPA2. Can talk only with AP client associated for this purpose. (follow next)

    -VLAN22 (Private users subnet)  With WPA2. Can talk with private clients of course when DHCP server is running into pfs box grab it own lease.

    -VLAN 33 (Guests subnet) Open. Can talk with Guests trought captive portal and share only internet access, not allow to see everything on the internal network.

    UNIFI AP LR<> wifi ssid AWAN wpa2 <> TL-WA701ND

    TL-WA701ND client mode
    This is associated with wpa2 key over Unifi AP base station ssid AWAN, when connect I see only my default subnet on VLAN1 of course.
    Managed IP set to 192.168.0.x/24

    TL-WA701ND<> ethernet cable <>DSL modem/router (ISP provider)
    This device needing special setup to work with PPPoE directly from pfs box.
    -Set own static IP to for managing purpose.
    -The internal modem interface (DSL line) is "Bridged" with own ethernet port. This allow pfs box to "dial" trought PPPoE
    Also not any PPPoE "user" connection is generated by this modem/router itself, Only allow "service" connection eventually maked by provider for diagnostic its device.

    Finish! well now is possible to make this special setup, amazing! will put with one AP in multi ssid to "route" any kind of "traffic your need" for internal network segment and plus PPP's connection. Without need to connect ISP modem/router directly on dedicated pfs box interface. Well done. Hope this be useful for others, fell free to ask for more details if your need. Goodbye folks.

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