Can`t connect from Wifi to Lan net

  • Sorry I have posted this at the wireless thread but noone could help, so I will try it here. Maybe someone could explain to me whats wrong.



    I have created this:

    WAN = DHCP
    LAN = DHCP
    Bridge (LAN/WIFI Bridge): DHCP: Yes

    I created the firewall rule at LAN, WIFI and BRIDGE

    Protocol: IPv4*
    Source: Bridge net
    Port: *
    Destination: *
    Port: *
    Gateway: *
    Queue: none

    everything if working fine. If I connect some PCs at the switch I got an IP from the range and internet is working. Wifi too but if I try to connect to router or the server from wifi its not wirking. BSS is enabled. I don`t find the mistake :) could someone help me?


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