Help me choose correct install

  • Couple of months ago I purchased to replace my age old m1n1wall. Now I need to install mSata to SG 2440 so which of the following image I should select. Please suggest?

    • netgate-2.2.6-RELEASE-2g-i386-nanobsd.m1n1wall.img.gz
    • netgate-2.2.6-RELEASE-2g-i386-nanobsd.m1n1wall.img.gz.md5
    • netgate-2.2.6-RELEASE-2g-i386-nanobsd.m1n1wall.img.gz.sha256
    • netgate-2.2.6-RELEASE-4g-i386-nanobsd.m1n1wall.img.gz
    • netgate-2.2.6-RELEASE-4g-i386-nanobsd.m1n1wall.img.gz.md5
    • netgate-2.2.6-RELEASE-4g-i386-nanobsd.m1n1wall.img.gz.sha256

    • netgate-memstick-2.2.6-RELEASE-amd64.img.gz
    • netgate-memstick-2.2.6-RELEASE-amd64.img.gz.sha256
    • netgate-memstick-ADI-2.2.6-RELEASE-amd64.img.gz
    • netgate-memstick-ADI-2.2.6-RELEASE-amd64.img.gz.sha256
    • netgate-memstick-serial-2.2.6-RELEASE-amd64.img.gz
    • netgate-memstick-serial-2.2.6-RELEASE-amd64.img.gz.sha256

    Let me know if surprises are there. So that downtime should be minimum?

    Let me know if I have to make changes to bios so that it can boot from msata instead of internal memory?

    If you have a document about installing mSata to SG2440 then let me know.


  • Use the ADI version- netgate-memstick-ADI-2.2.6-RELEASE-amd64.img.gz
    Although, why don't you load the most recent 2.3.x version instead of 2.2.6?
    Load a usb stick with the ADI memstick version, connect the serial console, stick in the memstick and follow the prompts. When done, restore the old config.

  • Thanks DotDash,

    But what about the bios settings. Is there any specific Bios Settings I need to do before restarting the device?

  • If you bought the SG version, then it's already installed, no need to install anything. See the quick start guide. You don't want or need to down-rev it.

  • Thanks for all your help.

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