Configure pfsense for a simple wan/lan via vmware workstation

  • hi,

    i have a box windows 7 with 2 nics and installed pfsense in vmware workstation.

    i configured that vm to have 2 vnics, 1 for wan and 1 for lan (all in bridge mode).

    in pfsense vm em0 is wan and em1 is lan.

    isp provided static ip so i configured em0 to set the statip ip (bridge from nic1 to vnet0 - which is bridge) physical wan interface was set to public ip .08 and vmnic .09 and its working, i can ping outside ex

    on the lan side, i bind 2nd nic to bridge also in vm. bind the lan physical nic to and set pfsense em1 to with pfsense dhcp range.

    and into a switch where client host are also connected (sorry i forgot to mention)

    problem is client gets dhcp info from pfsense but cannot even ping the gateway.

    is my setup correct? should i set my lan side in vmware to nat instead of bridge?

    please help..

  • btw i can ping the hostvm but not the ip of the set at lan

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