Problems obtaining IP from Virgin on Vlan Wan

  • Hi,

    I am wondering if anyone can help?

    I am trying to set up router-on-a-stick configuration  with a Virgin Broadband modem but I can't seem to obtain a WAN ip from the modem whilst in "modem mode" no matter what I do.

    My set-up is like the following:

    Virigin Broadband > pfSense > Switch > Desktop/Wifi , etc , etc

    My Wan is using Vlan99 and the rest of the Lan is on Vlan 10

    The switch I am using is a TP Link TL-SG105E 5 port switch.

    I have ports 3-5  designated to VLAN() 10(lan) with 3-5 untagged and Port 1 tagged,

    Ports 1-2 are designated to VLAN(99)with port 1 tagged and port 2 untagged(cable modem)

    In the PVID section I have port 3-5 set as 10(lan), port 2 set as 99(modem) and port 1 set as 1(pfSense).

    I have tried turning the modem off and rebooting, doing a DHCP release and cloning the Virgin router's MAC address, but still can't seem to can't obtain an IP?

    I can confirm that my LAN is working as expected and can ping/communicate with other devices on that subnet..

    Any ideas what I am doing wrong or what the problem is?


  • Update: got it working.

    If anyone is suffering from issues with VLANS , cable modems and pfSense read on, it might help.

    Seems the issue might have been due to my switch MAC add being utilized first instead of my firewall box at the ISP end, due to using VLANS?

    Anyway - to correct this - I attached my firewall box directly to the cable modem and did a system reset and obtained a WAN directly.

    I then setup my WAN VLAN in the gui and switched to it - obviously making sure all cables were put into their correct VLAN port…  (For some reason I couldn't get this to work via the console?)

    I am a happy man for now....

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