Comments / Possible Bug WRT DHCP / DHCP6 Leases

  • I'm using a windows 10 client, which reports ipv4 and ipv6 lease status in local time. pfsense uses UTC for DHCP. However, for DHCP6, there is a setting to use local time or default to UTC. On my system, the time for DHCP is correct and in the correct time zone (consistent between the pc and pfsense), but for DHCP6, if I use the default (UTC), the displayed time zone is local. If I select local, the time zone is local minus the offset. It looks like the offset is being subtracted in the wrong case. I believe this is a bug. Also, it would be nice if there was an option to use local or UTC for both DHCP and DHCP6.

  • I reported a bug for the DHCP6 lease time. However, contrary to what I said previously, there is no issue with DHCP4. The UTC/local flag is there. I just missed it in the settings.

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