Realtek 8139 and 8169 ethernet.

  • i have a realtek 8139 10/100Basetx which I think is my integrated ethernet which and a realtek 8169/8110sc single-chip gigabit ethernet card.  it's now assigning the ip address to the realtek 8139 10/100 basetx integrated card but not to the 8169.  I wasn't sure if the card was good so i but it in another pc and worked fine. it is being recognized in bios and at system boot. but pfsense does not have the drivers for it.  any suggestions.  please advise.

    I did how ever found the following site:

    where it led me to another site after looking around to the following

    will this work for pfsense if so I haven't been able to find the kernal configuration file.

    any help or suggest please.

  • A Realtek Realtek 8139 (100Mbps) or a Realtek 8169 (1000Mbps) card works without any further hassle with the buildin drivers of pfSense.
    Do you see the Realtek 8169 during the setup or when you choose to assign networkinterfaces ?
    During this setup, you choose which card you like to use for your WAN and LAN.


  • If you have an available port get an Intel card and forget about Reals**t.

  • They work allright but I wouldn't use them on anything but a small home router/firewall.

  • do you have any minipci slots?

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