2.3.1 DNS redirect doesn't work as well as before

  • Hallo,
    I've a strange problem with versione 2.3.1.
    I've a VPN site to site based on OpenVPN.
    DNS server are in the main plant; every internal DNS request must be redirect to internal DNS server.
    Plus, I want to redirect every DNS request to the pfSense box, in which I've setup the DNS forwarder.
    Everything worked weel with version 2.2.6.
    Today I've upgrade a pfSense box to 2.3.1, and the Windows 7 pcs aren't able to solve DNS name anymore, if there isn't the IP of the pfSense box in the DNS server.
    I've not seen anythng about changes in DNS in teh changelog.
    Could someone help me with this strange situation?
    Thanks in advance.

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