Network card supporting gpon sfp ?

  • Hello everyone,

    I was wondering if i need a special network card to accept a gpon gbic, or a regular card should work ?

    I was thinking of this card :

  • Not sure what you need for gpon, but that NIC is copper direct attach or Intel optics ONLY. (don't ask how I know)

  • I have FTTH at home, and eventually, I want to bypass the ONT provided by my ISP.

    i'm not there yet, this might be for next year :)

    but thanks for letting me know that this card wouldn't be compatible with a gpon gbic.

  • Most SFP/SFP+ cards will handle a gpon sfp transciever.

    I'd recommend the mellanox series (Connectx-2/3)

    As for configuration - NO idea.

  • I finally got my hands on an sfp+ gpon

    I tried with an intel x520-da2 (with unsupported sfp=1) ? mellanox connectx-2

    both card can show up in pfsense, but i cannot make my pppoe session.

    Is there a way / specific log that i can check if the card doesn't support the sfp at all ? the console is silent when i insert the sfp in the card.

  • I tried my sfp in a juniper ex3300. all good, I can get a dhcp address from my ISP.

    What I think is the SFP isn't an SFP+, and both of my card are SFP+.

    The ex3300 seems to have hybrid port, supporting both SFP/SFP+.

  • Do you have any longer term advice regarding this GPON SFP setup? I figured you would know if it will work by now? :)

    Do you have a link or source for the SFP itself?

    I was thinking of using the SFP module directly into my Foundry/Brocade 1GB SFP port to make the termination, and the just pull the address on the WAN port of the PFSense (1U SuperMicro C2758) from within a single VLAN. I only have 1 PCIe slot and its got a nice 10GB SFP+ card init I'd like to keep if I can help it.

    Did you have issue otherwise? I think our 1GB service use PPPoE, but I can configure that easily in PFSense if the SPF does the rest.