VLANS+CARP and traffic flow problems ???

  • Hi!

    Need help!!!

    2 servers with PS 2.3.1_5 (i386) with

    4 Nics:

    1 WAN, 1 LAN, 1 SYNC (for Pfsense HA), 1 for 4 VILAN (16,17,18,19)

    VLANS up on PFSense, CARP up on VLAN 16,17,18,19. Nic with VLANS connected to HP Procurve 2520 (10 ports - all TARGET), at ports from 1 to 8 connected wifi AP (every AP have VLANs 16,17,18,19 for wifi networks, all TARGET). At ports 9-10 on Procurve connected 2 x PFSense servers.

    PROBLEM: Via PFSense no traffic flow to VLANS networks (( I can ONLY ping devices  in VLAN networks (from LAN to this networks). I double check all Firewall rulses, make ANY to ANY … Review Firewall log = not show any blocks or other errors, but only PING (icmp) flow normal ...

    What this ????

    Thx for help!

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Post what you have done. Not what you think you have done.

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