OSPF and Static Rouge

  • Good day,

    I need some help to figure out how to fix my ‘issue’..

    Actually, I have a multisite VPN, all using Fortigate 50B. I have 9 of them connecting to our main site, using a Fortigate 200D.
    Each site are having their own /24 ip space (,….)

    I use OSPF.

    Now. My 50B service plan are ending gradually, and want to replace them with pfSense. I know there is a flavor of OSPF into pfSense, but I’m not use to it.

    Also, I had tried to create a policy based, using multiple phase 2 with all my subnet. It's working, but, some ip's are unreacheable (routers ip of my fortigate) and 2 or 3 machines that i can ping, but cant access their web sites (all internal)

    Can someone guide me please?



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