Firewall Logs Dashboard Widget does not save selected Interface

  • Hello,

    on latest 2.3.2-DEV the selected Interface is not saved anymore. After refresh of the Dashboard WAN is selected again.
    I have the Filewall Logs for my DMZ to see whats happening there (or not).

  • Don't have a 2.3.2 Dev anymore.  At dev at 2.3.3.  Prod at 2.3.1 + gitsync.

    Both save the interface setting for me.

    Though the 2.3.1 prod dumps to a blank white screen when saving.  But after close and re-login, the setting has been saved.

  • You're right.
    Selecting the interface and logging out did it for me.
    After relogin and browsing through the menus it still kept my interface.

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